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DMC medical limited manufactures and distributes a range of innovative cardiovascular accessories, standard & custom polycarbonate color coded syringes, connectors and cannulae.  The company has recently launched a patented range of amorphous and flat sheet wound care hydrogels.

The majority of our devices are available in two formats i.e. sterile and bulk non-sterile, suitable for individual use or inclusion in custom kit-packs.

Should you have a specific requirement not listed in our site, please contact: enquiries@dmcmedical.net

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Product Categories:
SupraGel™ Amorphous Wound Care Hydrogel 3ml   PC Syringes
SupraCel™ Flat Sheet Wound Care Hydrogel 6ml   PC Syringes
Cardiac Insulation Pad (CIP) 10ml PC Syringes
Saphenous Vein Distention Systems (SVDS) 20ml PC Syringes
Heart Positioning Device (HeartNet) 30ml PC Syringes
Vein Irrigation Cannulae 3ml   Printed PC Syringes
Connectors 10ml Printed PC Syringes
Waste Fluid Collection 20ml Printed PC Syringes
1ml   PC Syringes

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