The Add-A-Grip™ has been developed by DMC Medical to fit its standard 10ml syringe, giving the operator greater control and increased ability to push during the infusion procedure. Its simple “snap-on” set up takes just a few seconds to assemble, ready for use.

It is supplied in 2 formats, format 1, which is the Thumb & Finger Grips only and format 2, where the Thumb & Finger Grips come fully assembled on the Syringe. Both formats are supplied bulk non-sterile. Format 1 is packaged in lots of 250 pieces in a double PE bag and format 2 in a single pouch.

“Available with any 10ml syringe, either printed or unprinted in Polycarbonate or NuGen™ formats”


Code Description Units per box Boxes per carton Total Units
FD-1148 Add-A-Grip 2 part accessory – Thumb & Finger Grips 250 10 2500
FD-1152 Add a Grip 3 part accessory – Thumb & finger grips/syringe 100 12 1200