Cardiac Insulation Pad (CIPA)

The CIPA is manufactured in an adult size and protects the heart from re-warming during the bypass procedure. The pad is intended to insulate the myocardium from the warmer descending thoracic aorta and surrounding pericardial tissues. It also ensures against damage to the phrenic nerve. The pad is thin and pliable and conforms well to the shape of the heart and may be easily cut if required. Secure tape attached for easy removal. The product is supplied both sterile and bulk non-sterile.

Cardiac Insulation Pad

Code Description Units per box Boxes per carton Total Units
FD-1001 Sterile Cardiac Insulation Pad – Adult 10 8 80
FD-1001NS Non-Sterile Cardiac Insulation Pad – Adult 45 4 180