Blood Collection/Infusion Sets

Blood Collection/Infusion Set

The Blood Collection/Infusion Set is used for blood collection or the short-term infusion of intravenous fluids. Single use, sterile, winged needle bonded to a flexible tube with a luer connector. 

    • The needle is generally inserted towards the vein at a shallow angle, which is made possible by the sets design. 
    • During venepuncture, the butterfly wings ensure easy and secure positioning on the skin and precise placement. 
    • The winged needle has a safety mechanism, providing protection against needle stick injuries. 
    • Smooth and comfortable penetration reduces friction and tissue damage. 
    • A wide selection of injection and needle sizes and lengths (19G, 21G, 23G, 25G & 27G). 
    • Transparent tubing provides a visual sign of blood transfer. 
    • Supplied sterile. Fully biocompatible materials. Not made with natural rubber latex so reduces the risk of allergic reaction. 

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