SupraCel™ Flat Sheet Wound Care Hydrogel – Case Study 2

SupraCel™ Wound Care HydrogelName and address of Hospital/Care Centre where study was carried out
Name: Kufa College of Medicine
Address: The University of KufaIRAQ, P.O. Box 98
Tel: +964 (0) 7801434753

Name & position of person carrying out the study
Name: Dr Kadhum Jawad Shabaa, FICMS
Position: Head of Plastic Surgery Dept.

Patient Information
Name of patient: Anonymous
Age: 20 years old
Location: Najaf – Iraq
Gender: Male

Brief medical history: 20 year old female patient presented with a one year history of a chronic unstable scar on her forearm. Biopsy showed a chronic inflammatory process. The SupraCel product was used to treat this wound for 7 days.

Current treatment (if applicable):
Product Name: SupraCel™, DMC Medical Product
With drug: No drug was used
Period of treatment to-date: 7 days
Results: The results are shown below before and after treatment.

Proposed treatment: Detailed description of wound to be treated: 20 year old female with chronic scar on forearm.

The photographs above show the results of this female patient who attended the hospital after 7 days of treatment using SupraCel™. It is evident that all scars have made a good improvement, especially regarding epithelisation process and infection control.

Additional information:
Ease of use: Was product easy to use? Yes
Were instructions for use easy to follow? Yes
Were you satisfied with the syringe dispenser? NA
Would you recommend any changes that would improve the product further? No