SupraCel™ Testimonial

Sporting Injury

During a softball game on Monday, September 17th, I slid into home plate wearing basketball shorts and boxer briefs. Two days (48 hours) later on September 19th, after using a common name brand antibiotic cream and standard off the shelf bandages, my wound was displaying little signs of improvement and looked like this: (below)

On the evening of Wednesday, September 19th, I applied a SupraCel™ wound care dressing. Two days (48 hours) later on Friday, September 21st, my wound had improved considerably and looked like this: (below)

Three days (72 hours) later, on Monday, September 24th (one week after the incident) my wound was no longer moist, it was tolerable to wear clothing, and it looked like this: (below)

SupraCel™ offered me immediate comfort and rapid healing for my wound.

Christian Morgan, Insurance Broker, Los Angeles, CA.