Disclaimer of Warranties

Seller warrants that reasonable care has been used in the manufacture of this device. This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, whether express, implied (by law or otherwise), written or oral, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness. In particular, the terms of sections 13, 14 and 15 of the sale of goods act 1893. (which imply terms in relations to the sale of goods by description, merchantable quality and sales by sample) shall not apply to the sale of the device. Buyer represents that buyer buys the device in the course of a business of selling goods of a class such as the device or for the purpose of a trade or undertaking carried on by the buyer and buyer does not deal with seller as a “consumer” within the meaning of section 3 of the sale of goods and supply of services act 1980 or otherwise, notwithstanding any provisions hereof (but without prejudice to the final sentence of this paragraph), seller’s liability in respect of any goods supplied to buyer proved to be defective in any way shall be limited to giving to buyer reasonable credit or allowance in respect of such devices. In particular, the seller shall not be liable for any incidental of consequential loss, damage or expense of any nature howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly from the device or its use. Diagnosis of the patient. Methods of administration of its handling after the device leaves seller’s possession, the seller does not warrant either a good effect or against all ill effect following its use. No representatives of the seller may change any of the foregoing or assume any additional liability or responsibility on the part of the seller in connection with the device. Nothing in this paragraph shall limit or exclude any liability of seller under the terms of the liability for defective products act 1991.