FreezeAid Sport Injury Cooling Bandage

FreezeAid™ Cooling Bandage

An innovative cold bandage that incorporates both cooling and compression for conditions such as soft tissue injuries, swellings, inflammations & sprains. 

No refrigeration required, simple to use
with immediate pain relief in seconds.

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FreezeAid™ accelerates the recovery of muscle and soft tissue injuries and can be applied to most body parts effectively, without restricting movement. Unlike ice packs the bandage gives uniform coverage when wrapped around the injured area, while allowing the blood to flow freely while reducing the swelling and inflammation of the injury.

How does it work:

FreezeAid™ innovation is based on drawing heat away from the injury, rather than pushing cold into the trauma through ice packs etc., resulting in a uniform method of cooling from the inside out.


Disadvantages of Ice:

  1. Ice can lead to cold burns on skin
  2. Ice requires a secondary bandage to keep in place
  3. Ice packs are not uniform in shape or size
  4. Ice requires refrigeration
  5. Ice is less portable
  6. Ice can mask the injury through numbness
product description freezeaid


FreezeAid™ is most effective in the first 20 minutes of use when the formulation will reduce the temperature of the injury to approximately 15° and maintain the temperature for up to 2 hours. Each box contains 3 pre-soaked bandages allowing the athlete to repeat the healing process as required.


• Step 1: Remove bandage from the canister.

• Step 2: Remove all outer packaging.

• Step 3: Squeeze off any excess liquid.

• Step 4: Wrap the bandage uniformly around the affected area overlapping itself no more than 3 times.

• Step 5: Secure the bandage in place using Velcro straps.

How to Use

To achieve the best results, treat your injury with FreezeAid™ in accordance with the method below.


Rest – means not moving the body part in a painful way. Movement is good and can increase healing, but it should be pain-free at this stage. Once the area is wrapped up leave it rest!


Ice – apply FreezeAid™ A.S.A.P! The quicker you can extract heat out of the injury the more effective it is. Do not use heat for the first 72 hours; heat will increase the swelling.


Compression – with our extremely high quality bandage, it will supply enough compression when wrapped around the affected area. See instructions page for instructions for use.


Elevation – or resting with the injury above heart level, to encourage swelling to return towards the body, instead of collecting in the extremities where it is difficult to get rid of.

FreezeAid Sport Injury Cooling Bandage

Recommended Use:

You overextend your hamstring while running. You twist your ankle on the pitch.

You get a bang or a knock and it’s swollen.


Acute inflammation is easy to recognize but often goes untreated! The longer the area is inflamed, the bigger the potential of a recurring injury and ongoing problems.


FreezeAid™ reduces inflammation the second it is applied and guarantees you will be back to your best, quicker than ever!

  • Effective Cold Therapy

  • Pain Relief In Seconds

  • Cools For Hours

  • No Refrigeration Required

  • Simple to Use

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