Heart positioning device used for cardiovascular surgery

HeartNet™ Heart Positioning Device

This heart positioning device is a polyester net used during open heart surgery. Greatly assists in positioning the heart at optimum levels within the chest cavity. It allows access to the posterior side of the heart for grafting. Supplied both sterile and bulk non-sterile.

DMC Medical Ltd. manufactures and distributes the HeartNet™ for use in positioning the heart at optimum levels within the chest cavity. It allows access to the posterior side of the heart during coronary artery bypass surgery. It is constructed of a soft pliable polyester that can be cut if necessary to expose the circumflex coronary artery. The HeartNet™ due itʼs soft material construction will not damage the heart muscle during use.

Supplied sterile for direct hospital use and bulk non-sterile for inclusion in surgical kit packs.

Figure of heart positioning device HeartNet

Figure # 1: Is a detailed illustration of a posterior view of the heart, this being the underside when a patient is lying on his/her back on the operating table. In this posterior aspect a portion of the right atrium 12 is visible, most of the left atrium 16 is visible and a considerable portion of the left ventricle 9 is also visible. The atrio-ventricular groove 10 separates the left atrium from the left ventricle. Also, clearly in view are the inferior vena cava 11, the aortic arch 6, the upper left pulmonary veins 7, the lower left pulmonary vein 8 and the right pulmonary artery 13. In using the HeartNet™ support device the apex of the left ventricle is lifted from the pericardial cavity and the support is placed around the posterior aspect of the atrio-ventricular groove 10. The heart is then lowered into the pericardial cavity and the free end 1 of the fixation tape 5 is pulled under the inferior vena cava 11. End 2 is pulled through the transverse sinus under the aorta and pulmonary artery 13. By pulling on the ends 1 and 2 the broad portion of the heart support remote from apex 5 is positioned snugly against the left atrium. The ends 1 and 2 are then tied or clamped together. The end of support 3 is then pulled upward as shown in FIG. 2 exposing the circumflex artery system.

By clamping the broad end of support 10 to the surgical drapes overlying the patient an unobstructed view of the entire posterior heart surface is obtained. If any of the tapes in the mesh are in the way of the surgery, they can easily be cut out and the support will still be strong enough to hold the heart in the desired position. For example, in FIG. 2 a tape has been cut at 17 to clear the circumflex coronary artery 15.

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