HeartNet™ Heart Positioning Device

This heart positioning device is a polyester net used during open heart surgery. Greatly assists in positioning the heart at optimum levels within the chest cavity. It allows access to the posterior side of the heart for grafting. Supplied both sterile and bulk non-sterile.

HeartNet Heart Positioning Device

CodeDescriptionUnits per boxBoxes per cartonTotal Units
FD-1015Sterile HeartNet™ – Heart Positioning Device10880
FD-1015NSNon-Sterile HeartNet™ – Heart Positioning Device20480
1 Fixation Tape
2. Fixation Tape
3. Mesh Lock Tape
4. Mesh Lock Tape
5. Fixation Tape
6. Aortic Arch
7. Upper left pulmonary veins
8. Lower left pulmonary veins
9. Left ventricle
10. Atrio aventricular groove
11. Inferior vena cava
12. Right atrium
13. Right pulmonary artery
14. Tape
15. Circumlex coronary artery