SureSafe™ Automatic Retractable Syringe

SureSafe™ is an exceptionally well engineered safety syringe with automatic retraction that fully addresses the accidental needle stick crisis that sees close on 1 million healthcare workers put at risk every year in the U.S. alone.

SureSafe™ is available in 1ml, 3ml, 5ml & 10ml with a variety of high quality needle bores and lengths.

Simple single-hand use, the SureSafe™ is an extremely cost effective syringe when compared to the competition, with the added benefit of up to 50% saving on Sharps containers and disposal charges.

SureSafe Automatic Retractable Syringe


Product CodeDescriptionNeedle GaugeNeedle LengthUnits per boxTotal Units
FD-SSFX01L-291ml Insulin syringe29G½”1001400
FD-SSFX01T-271ml Tuberculin27G½”1001400
FD-SSFX01T-251ml Tuberculin25G5/81001400
FD-SSFX01T-25-011ml Tuberculin21G1″1001400
FD-SSFX01-251ml syringe25G5/81001400
FD-SSFX01-25-011ml syringe25G1″1001400
Product CodeDescriptionNeedle GaugeNeedle LengthUnits per boxTotal Units
FD-SSFX03-253ml syringe25G5/81001000
FD-SSFX03-25-013ml syringe25G1″1001000
FD-SSFX03-233ml syringe23G1″1001000
FD-SSFX03-23-013ml syringe23G1½”1001000
FD-SSFX03-223ml syringe22G1½”1001000
FD-SSFX03-22-013ml syringe22G1″1001000
FD-SSFX03-213ml syringe21G1″1001000
FD-SSFX03-21-013ml syringe21G1½”1001000
FD-SSFX05-225ml syringe22G1½”1001000
FD-SSFX05-215ml syringe21G1½”1001000
FD-SSFX10-2210ml syringe22G1½”100800
FD-SSFX10-2110ml syringe21G1½”100800