NuGen Vial

NuGen™ Vial

 DMC Medical will soon enter the market in producing customer specific NuGen™ COC vials.


Based on our vast experience in manufacturing top quality premium syringes our objective is to partner with pharmaceutical industry leaders, in offering an alternative to Glass vials.

The NuGen™ is a robust, crystal clear container exhibiting excellent chemical, lipid and moisture resistance. The NuGen™ Vial is an excellent alternative to Glass.

The NuGen™ Vial is manufactured in accordance with International Standards.

(RTU) ready to use vials are pre-sterilized to meet USP and EP industry standards.

Manufactured to your specific specification allowing ease of use on existing automated lines.

Formats available in a variety of packaging including nest & tub, partitioning tray and including the cap of your choice.

It’s time for change, so join us on this innovative project by contacting us below !!!

Why Choose DMC Medical

DMC Medical Limited was incorporated in 1998 delivering a history of innovation and product development in a diverse range of cardiovascular accessories and wound care products. Our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485, FDA, and Health Canada accordingly.

DMC Medical headquartered in Shannon Ireland has Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Logistics and Quality Assurance functions in both Ireland and the United States. Warehousing is based in Carson California and Shannon Ireland.


While DMC Medical offers one of the best customer service experiences, we consider our customers to be our partners and endeavour to exceed their expectations in both development and production.

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