SureSafe Automatic Retractable Safety Syringe

SureSafe™ Retractable Syringe

SureSafe™ is an exceptionally well engineered safety syringe with automatic retraction that fully addresses the accidental needle stick crisis that sees close on 1 million healthcare workers put at risk every year in the U.S. alone.

SureSafe™ is available in 1ml, 3ml, 5ml & 10ml with a variety of high quality needle bores and lengths.

Simple single-hand use, the SureSafe™ is an extremely cost effective syringe when compared to the competition, with the added benefit of up to 50% saving on Sharps containers and disposal charges.

Wound care for burns and cuts

SupraGel™ Woundcare Hydrogel

SupraGel™ is a newly formulated cross-linked sterile amorphous hydrogel containing complex carbohydrates, CMC, propylene glycol and ultra pure water. 


Dependent on wound conditions, SupraGel™ has the ability to rehydrate dry necrotic tissue thus providing rapid wound debridement in addition to absorbing slough and excess exudates. 


Due to its fully cross-linked nature, no maceration occurs and SupraGel™ maintains its physical integrity throughout its use.

Wound care hydrogel for burns wounds and cuts

SupraCel™ Woundcare Hydrogel

SupraCel™ sheet dressing is a cross-linked sterile hydrogel containing a solid polymer matrix with propylene glycol. 


Dependent on wound conditions, SupraCel™ has the ability to absorb wound exudates while maintaining an excellent moisture balance. 


Due to its fully cross-linked nature there will no maceration of the skin surrounding the wound. SupraCel™ maintains its physical integrity throughout its use.

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DMC Medical Limited was incorporated in 1998 delivering a history of innovation and product development in a diverse range of cardiovascular accessories and wound care products. Our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485, FDA, and Health Canada accordingly.

DMC Medical headquartered in Shannon Ireland has Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Logistics and Quality Assurance functions in both Ireland and the United States. Warehousing is based in Carson California and Shannon Ireland.


While DMC Medical offers one of the best customer service experiences, we consider our customers to be our partners and endeavour to exceed their expectations in both development and production.

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