Wound care for burns and cuts

SupraGel™ Testimonial

Name and address of Hospital/Care Centre where study was carried out: 

Home Care
Name: On file ref: CLBZ


Name & position of person carrying out the study:
Name: Michael Wixted
Position: USA Executive Sales & Marketing

Patient Information
Date of birth: 1967
Male/Female: Female


Brief medical history: Good health to-date.


Current treatment (if applicable):
Product Name: Silver Sulfadiazine
Product code: NDC 0591-0810-55
With drug: Yes / No. If yes, name of drug: Sulfa drug
Period of treatment to-date: Nil


Results: Patient did not use the Silver Sulfadiazine as prescribed. This was actually advantageous to the patient as Silver Sulfadiazine is not recommended as it potentially prolongs healing time.
Common painkiller “Advil” was taken for the first two days and the patient ceased using painkillers once the SupraCel™ adhesive bandage was applied on Tuesday 16th October.


Proposed treatment: Cover the entire burn area ensuring the SupraCel™ adhesive edge does not adhere to any of the affected area. The SupraCel™ adhesive bandage maybe used in conjunction with the SupraGel™ hydrogel. The hydrogel bandage should be left in position for approximately 3 to 7 days without disturbing the wound area. After day 3 the wound maybe inspected for infection/healing process. Assuming there is no infection present cover the wound with a fresh SupraCel™ bandage and leave for a further 3 to 7 days repeating the process until the wound has healed. If an infection occurs it is recommended that the patient seeks medical opinion.


Detailed description of wound to be treated: The patient suffered a second degree (superficial partial thickness) burn due to a steam jet located in a spa room. The injury occurred on Sunday 14th October 2012. Red with clear blisters. Possible complications are local infection/cellulitis (skin infection caused by bacteria)


Photograph of the wound prior to starting the treatment.

Sports Testimonial - SupraCel Hydrogel

Prior to treatment

Sports Testimonial - SupraCel Hydrogel

3 days into the treatment

Stage 1: Burn area prior to treatment commencing. Photograph was taken on Tuesday 16th October, 2 days after the initial injury.

Stage 2: Burn area after removal of the SupraCel™ bandage on day 3, Friday 19th October.

Comments: The area was covered with a SupraCel™ 4” x 4” flat sheet hydrogel with an adhesive border and left for 3 days without disturbing. The wound was examined after 3 days and the SupraCel™ bandage was replaced. There were no signs of local infection and no pain was noted.


Photograph of the wound during the healing process where clear signs of improvement are evident.

Sports Testimonial - SupraCel Hydrogel

After 10 days of treatment 

Sports Testimonial - SupraCel Hydrogel

After 13 days of treatment 

Stage 3: The wound was examined after a further 7 days on the 26th October. Area was clear of dead skin and a new layer of epidermis was evident without infection.

Stage 4: The wound was again examined and photographed on the 29th October where significant improvement was noted. There was no evidence of scarring or infection.


Comments: Patient did note that the area was “itchy” on the 26th October and switched to the SupraGel™ 25g tube hydrogel for the remainder of the treatment.


Photograph of the wound after treatment has ceased:

Sports Testimonial - SupraCel Hydrogel

3 weeks after treatment

A final photograph of the wound was taken on the 4th November exactly 3 weeks since the injury occurred.


Comments: The wound has responded well to the treatment in a relatively short period of time. Skin cell proliferation is excellent. Scarring is not evident. The patient was very pleased with the product and did note the ease of use and short period of time for improvement.

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